From the age of nine, Lorenzo Silvestri was interested in classicalhistory, especially ancient Rome. Living in northern Italy near thesites of both WWI and WWII battlefields, he spent his free timeexploring the trenches in the hills near his garden, looking formilitary artifacts to collect. Lorenzo? greatest desire was to lead alife in the military and, not surprisingly, when he came of age, hejoined the Italian Army. He spent twenty years in the Italian paratroopswith numerous peacekeeping missions abroad. Lorenzo is also apassionate skydiver with 8,400 jumps done during his sports career, withmany competition jumps and further parachute training around the world.His favorite hobby is still the collection of military artifacts fromWorld War II, with a focus on German SS and Italian militaria. Lorenzois married and resides with his beautiful wife Martina in Trieste innortheastern Italy.

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