Be part of a ground-breaking unified theory of psychology, quantum physics, and metaphysics defined as the Psychology of Universal Mind and an equal system of energy vital to the human psyche. The complete explanation of how healing the connections between Universal Mind, the true self, and experiences will open your path to self-realization. Discover what Universal Mind is, what energy is, how energy flows, and what blocks it from flowing. Learn to heal relationships and the self by curing the connection with the true self and making outer experiences complete. Through real-life cases and experiential exercises, find out how energy is moved through the mechanics of Universal Mind, how to unblock energy, and create flow of energy through your own healing. Make the most of your skills, abilities, and talents for self expression by utilizing the Universal Mind.
Through their inner contact with Source, Rochelle and Cortney receive channeled information. Cortney also receives symbolic images which she paints to help people connect with their inner and outer energy. Rochelle and Cortney are internationally known through TV, radio, and events.

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