Jewelry Making

Inadan, the Mastery of Tuareg Artisans
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Inadan, the Mastery of Tuareg Artisans


Take a rare look at the artisans of the Tuareg people, who have made their home in North and West Africa for untold generations. An essential part of their hierarchical society is the group known as "Inadan"—the artists and craftspeople...

From Thread and Wire


Every one of these 60 astoundingly beautiful jewelry projects, ranging from bracelets to necklaces, uses a surprising technique: crocheting or knitting! The projects include small gifts which can be made in no time, as well as delicate "webs" which require...

Turning Segmented Wooden Bangles on the Wood Lathe


Written for every wood turner, this complete guide uses clear language and more than 125 detailed photos to cover every step required to turn beautiful bangles. Bangles are easy to make with common shop tools and a small lathe, if...

Paper Jewelry


With detailed instructions, templates, and colorful photography, this book shows how to craft fifty-five paper jewelry projects. Colorful and graphic designs range from necklaces, brooches, earrings, and bracelets to hair accessories. Learn how to find inspiration in a wide variety...

Polymer Clay Jewelry: The Art of Caning


Caning techniques with polymer clay allow you to create your own intricately detailed, sophisticated and chic jewelry. This clear and concise guide, by professional jewelry designer Mathilde Brun, shows you step-by-step how to make clay "canes," layers of clay strategically...

Basic Metal Jewelry Techniques


Basic Metal Jewelry Techniques explains the fundamentals of metallurgy and basic formulas that every jeweler should know and master. It also shows, in great detail, the essential procedures involved in basic jewelry making, from soldering and sanding to making clasps....

Costume Jewelry


Make your own attractive, contemporary pieces of costume jewelry with some of the most versatile of materials. It was conceived as imitation jewelry with non-precious materials. Costume jewelry has since evolved in such a way that the division between it...

Drawing for Jewelers


This book teaches how to use drawing as means of expressing a jeweler’s creative ideas. In jewelry, there are other ways of creating which do not stem directly from working in the studio. The most important of these is drawing,...

Felt, Fiber, and Stone


Learn to make beaded and fiber jewelry with unique designs and techniques that will kindle the creative spirit. Beginning with materials and techniques used in crocheting, making felt flowers, and beading, go on to make chunky brooches, earrings, necklaces and...

Making Simple Felted Jewelry


Wool jewelry is sure to freshen up all wardrobes. With easy step-by-step directions and 113 color images, basic techniques are demonstrated and 4 projects are featured. Make a brooch, necklace, wrap-around bracelet, or accessorize a purse or a hat. These...

Pearl Projects for Beaders


Learn to make your own jewelry designs with pearls. Step-by-step photographs, patterns, and simple-to-follow instructions guide you through 23 projects that showcase the color, luster, shape, and size of pearls. Mix pearls with crystals or semi-precious stones. Chapters present beads,...



Learn to make beautiful jewelry with enamel. Step-by-step instructions and 252 color photos guide newcomers to enameling through 8 projects, including creating test enamel tiles, reversible earrings, bracelets, multiple piece pendants, a flower pin, enameled beads, and words with enamel....

Wire & Fused Jewelry


Learn every step of the wire fusing process. Starting with a detailed discussion of the tools and materials, this book encompasses a lifetime of trial and error experience, saving you time and advancing you toward success. The 10 projects in...

Making Wood Jewelry


A fun guide to creating simple wooden jewelry. Craft pins, beads, pendants, and earrings evoke delightful desert art. With practical safety tips and a discussion of the best tools, anyone can get started. Design discussion and many project photographs will...

Mixed Media Jewelry Techniques


Written for jewelry makers of all media and skill levels, this book encourages the mixing of techniques with the skills of others to create unique designs. A collaboration of eleven multi-talented instructors makes this book unique. It features 9 exciting...

Off-Loom Woven Bead Necklaces


This comprehensive guide to off-loom, seed-bead weaving uses the square stitch. Over 220 color photos illustrate the step-by-step instructions that clearly explain the stitching and joining techniques for novices as well as advanced weaver-jewelery makers. Three necklace designs feature easily...

Beads & Agate Jewelry To Create Yourself


Learn how to create a pair of earrings, a pin, a barrette, and a necklace with agate and beads, and various ways to embellish these projects. The author uses the beauty of the earth's natural agates, along with wire and...

Flower Jewelry


[AuthorName]Ani Afshar[/AuthorName][AuthorBio]Textile weaver and jewelry designer Ani Afshar teaches her art at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago. She has maintained her jewelry boutique in Chicagos Lincoln Park neighborhood since 2000.[/AuthorBio][NumIllustration]110 images[/NumIllustration][CoAuthor][/CoAuthor][SubTitle][/SubTitle][ColorPattern]110 images[/ColorPattern]

Ribbon Jewelry


[AuthorName]Ani Afshar[/AuthorName][AuthorBio]Textile weaver and jewelry designer Ani Afshar teaches her art at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago. She has maintained her jewelry boutique in Chicagos Lincoln Park neighborhood since 2000.[/AuthorBio][NumIllustration]120 images[/NumIllustration][CoAuthor][/CoAuthor][SubTitle][/SubTitle][ColorPattern]120 images[/ColorPattern]

You Can Make Wire & Bead Jewelry


Wire and glass beads are combined in this jewelry-making guide as equal partners, making the bending of wire more than just rings for attachments. Time, space, and affordability of the materials are kept minimal, so the jewelry-making process remains fun....

Beads & Wires Jewelry


Chicago jewelry designer Ani Afshar invites you to a workshop in your own studio where you can learn her step-by-step methods for weaving jewelry with beads and sterling silver wire. She'll help you create 5- and 3-strand necklaces and a...

Beads & Strings Jewelry


Give yourself a workshop with Chicago jewelry designer Ani Afshar who will teach you step-by-step to weave jewelry with beads, fishing line, and wire. Learn to make a 10-strand bead necklace with clusters of various beads, a beaded coil choker...

How to Make Wonderful Porcelain Beads and Jewelry


Making beautiful porcelain bead jewelry has never been simpler. Using over 100 color photos and straightforward instructions, readers are guided through all the steps necessary to create magnificent layered beads, beads with inclusions, millefiori beads, bead necklaces, earrings, and buttons....

Bead Crochet Jewelry


Dedicated to the craft of bead crochet, this book follows a thorough discussion of the yarns, hooks, and beads used to make jewelry. Many helpful pointers instruct how to start bead crocheting, correct mistakes, and create jewelry. In addition, a...

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