Oracle Acceleration: Art of Blending 2nd Edition Magical Dimensions with Celestial Frequencies

Oracle Acceleration: Art of Blending 2nd Edition Magical Dimensions with Celestial Frequencies

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Enter A New Era of Oracle Frequencies

As humanity takes a giant leap forward into the Age of Aquarius, we not only require new resources in our spiritual toolkit’s that will elevate our lives, but our consciousness is receiving accelerated concentrations of light that provide new opportunities to raise our collective frequencies.

With the brand-new 2nd Edition Magical Dimension Oracle Cards and Activators and Celestial Frequencies Oracle Cards and Healing Activators, we enter into an accelerated dawn of oracle cards! These deliciously light-filled oracle decks are other-worldly, uniquely created, and multi-faceted.

From The Beginning, There Was Magic

Let me explain just a bit about the magical origins of these brilliant oracle decks.

Going back to when I first began to create the artwork for the 1st Edition Magical Dimensions Oracle Deck, I recall the sensation of massive joy and elation on a daily basis when I was connecting to the Elemental, Angelic, and Galactic realms.

I consistently experienced an influx of visual imagery that channeled through my vessel in my dreamtime, waking consciousness, and also in my meditations. The shimmer of sparkling light and magical realms would glimmer into my mindscape, as I channeled in the other-worldly beauty and scenery from my visual intuition, and all aspects of my extra sensory perception. As I continued to create and translate the scenery and spiritual beings onto a digital canvas, the magic of these magical dimensions came to life!

After connecting and integrating these dimensions for an extended period of time, a specific shift in my consciousness occurred, where I began to access alternate levels of divine light codes and even higher frequencies. I literally began to touch the wings and hearts of the Celestials. Light codes, light languages, symbols and glyphs began to formulate, infuse into, and surround the existing other-worldly magical dimensions I had already artistically created; however, now these divine codes began to pattern themselves into beautiful arrays of light codes that would filter in and saturate the imagery. As I began to include these divine patterns into my artwork, I realized that these codes, symbols, and light languages were meant to be utilized for accessing higher levels of healing from the Celestial realms, on many levels.

Thus, the Celestial Frequencies Oracle Deck was birthed from being immersed into this higher vibrational field of consciousness.

Magic Meets The Celestials!

By having both magic and celestial frequencies actively marinating through the two decks, the cosmic realms begin to meld, merge, and blend together to create, a brilliant synergy! These two superb oracle decks can be utilized as separate oracle decks; however, they were also created to be unified together with one another.

The 2nd Edition Magical Dimensions Oracle Cards is considered to be a starter deck, and the Celestial Frequencies Oracle is an intermediate deck that includes all the light language symbols, glyphs, and divine codes that can be integrated with the Magical Dimensions Deck, for expanded readings and upgraded Activator Grids. Upon blending the decks together, you’ll notice that the new borders and font styling on the front of the cards now visually integrate seamlessly, to create a harmonious collaborative oracle card experience.

To further enhance the frequencies, these new oracles also have a luminous and gorgeous shiny foil effect on the borders for the back of the cards on both new decks! The 2nd Edition Magical Dimensions has a metallic shimmery silver foil border and the Celestial Frequencies Oracle has a glistening gold foil border, so when you mix the two decks together — voilà, you have a powerful activation that embraces the silver and gold frequencies. The effect and energy are just truly stunning!

The Unique Activator Healing Grids

There are a variety of ways to utilize these two oracle decks, and not just merely for card readings either. One of the unique ways to work with the Magical Dimensions and the Celestial Frequencies is what I call, “Activator Healing Grids.” I provide several suggested Activator Grid layouts for both of the oracle decks in the guidebooks, and the grids can also be utilized interchangeably and intuitively as well.

When you create an Activator Grid on your altar or table (comprised of specific oracle cards selected from the oracle decks) this will form a unique pattern or what I call, a grid. These grids will work in a multifaceted manner to clear, amplify, manifest, or heal a specific concern, depending on the overall purpose of the grid. You can also overlay and blend crystals, candles, photos, or personal objects with these grids so as to intensify and enhance their effectiveness, and strengthen your own energies. These grids are very powerful generators of energy, and are meant to be directed by your own intuition as to how long the Activator Grid should remain in place.

There are other practices for the Activator Grids, but below is but a small list of the various suggestions for the diverse grid options. As you begin to work with the recommended Activator Grids, you’ll also begin to intuit and create your own unique patterns.

I encourage developing your own original Activator Grids, which will further expand and stretch your creativity!

Utilization of The Activator Healing Grids:

  • Dissolving energies in your home that are lower vibrational
  • Inspiring positive life transformational shifts and breakthroughs
  • Clearing fragmented thought forms and draining entity attachments
  • Dissipating negatively-based mental and emotional stress
  • Infusing higher frequencies into your home, and into specific situations
  • Unblocking relationship challenges and improving communication
  • Healing self and others on all levels: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical
  • Deprogramming and reprogramming old antiquated patterns
  • Empowering, grounding, and strengthening your bioenergetic field
  • Manifesting and amplifying abundance, prosperity, and wealth
  • Expanding your INNERstanding from difficult karmic situations
  • Activating and/or cleansing all of your chakras

And much more…

How To Work With Combining Both Decks:

While there are an unlimited number of ways to utilize the Magical Dimensions and Celestial Frequencies oracle decks in unison, I’d like to provide some suggestions for both standard and alternative applications when combining the two decks together:

  • Combine all oracle cards from both decks together, which will then create an expanded deck of 99 total cards. Use any of the oracle card spreads that are suggested in both of the guidebooks for your regular oracle readings, and feel free to create your own unique spreads as well.

  • With these two decks blended together, create your own personal healing Activator Grids and choose cards you are most drawn to, place them on your alter or table, and then add crystals and candles to amplify the energies of the cards. You can also follow any of the suggested Activator Grids for both decks that are displayed in the guidebooks.

  • Select and remove the 7 Chakra/Portal cards from the 2nd Edition Magical Dimensions Oracle Deck. Then select and remove the 7 Healing Codes and the 7 Healing Shields cards from the Celestial Frequencies Oracle Deck. Mix all of these 21 cards together and use this as a mini-deck when you want to pull cards or layout an Activator Grid specifically related to providing health insights of your chakratic system.

  • Select and remove the designated 12 Master Galactic cards from the Celestial Frequencies Oracle Deck, and set those aside. Then mix the remaining cards from both decks together. Now choose from one or more of the 12 Master Galactic cards (depending on what galactic race(s) you resonate with). Pose your question directly to one or two of the Master Galactic cards for guidance in your life’s purpose or mission, and then pick a few cards for answers to your questions. (For a more structured reading, follow one of the new suggested spreads from the Celestial Frequencies Oracle Deck that is titled, Celestial Timeline-Sequencing Spread with your new cosmic star friends.)

  • Any of the cards from either oracle deck can be utilized as cleansers, activators, and upgrades to your jewelry, crystals, or personal items. The cards have a nice thick double-laminate to them so they are fairly sturdy and resist scratches, so you’ll be able to overlay your belongings on top of the cards without damage. Although, do be careful of not dragging sharp edges, of course. But this is a great way to cleanse and clear your personal items.

  • You can also utilize the card backs as gold and silver activators as well. For example, if you want to cleanse your silver jewelry, rings, necklaces, or other silver items, just place the object on one of the card backs of your card choice from the 2nd Edition Magical Dimensions Deck. This will help amplify and recharge your silver jewelry. For gold jewelry, place those belongings on top of the Celestial Frequencies card backs, and your gold jewelry will receive a similar gold amplification.

  • You can also use the 2nd Edition Magical Dimensions Oracle Deck for card readings and spreads, and then utilize the Celestial Frequencies Oracle Deck for your Activator Healing Grids, or vise-versa. If you are going to use both decks combined, then I recommend getting an extra deck of each, so you can then easily create your Activator Grids and daily oracle readings without interruption.

The focus of these beautiful oracle decks is to empower and augment your own energies in co-creation with the other-worldly realms, so you can expand your innate gift of intuition, and raise your frequency on a regular basis. These oracle decks contain powerful and stunning visionary imagery that will evoke your imagination and intuition, and flood a myriad of high frequency divine light codes into your life.

Consult both oracle decks for messages and guidance from the Universe, God, Angels, Elementals, Galactic Family, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, and your Higher Self, or strengthen your energies with the healing Activator Grids.

I invite you all to enter into another dimension and experience the magic and celestial brilliance of these luminous, accurate, and exciting new oracle decks!

To the stars and back! Enjoy your journey!

Brilliant Blessings,




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