Using the Healthy Witch Oracle Cards

Using the Healthy Witch Oracle Cards

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  • Apr, 06 , 23


As within + without = the healthy witch and these oracle cards can help you achieve just that! If your organs aren’t healthy (within) then your body won’t feel good or work properly (without), and your energy that flows with your blood will become stuck and stagnant. This can cause all sorts of issues that many of us ignore or assume that I’ll just go away on it’s own.
Pull a card a day, or use the suggested card spreads, to determine which organ or body part you should focus on healing. Did you pull the Eyes card? Maybe it’s time to get that check up. Or maybe you pulled the Social Well Being card. It might be telling you to get out and hang with friends.
You can use this oracle deck by itself or together with The Healthy Witch workbook. Draw cards as you use the healing rituals and spells in the book to get a more in-depth look at what your body is truly telling you. Focus on the card of your choice as you speak to the Higher Power and ask for assistance in healing your body.
Nothing is more important than YOU. Your mind, you body, and your spirit is what makes up you - and that’s a beautiful thing. What’s even better is when you’re happy, healthy, and mentally relaxed.
I hope to see you out in the woods with your Healthy Witch workbook, wadding in a stream, or meditating on your balcony as wind chimes blow nearby, clearing the air of negativity. Whatever you choose to reach your healthy goals, The Healthy Witch Oracle cards are a simple tool to assist in your magickal healing journey.
Blessed Be!


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