The Everglow : A Divination System

The Everglow : A Divination System

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  • Mar, 23 , 23

Trisha Leigh Shufelt

The Everglow incorporates Tarot and oracle elements, numerology, animal symbolism, and astrology in an easy-to-use format that allows for various readings. Its fantastical montage of images featuring animal and humanlike people interacting with nature focuses on our universal connection and interdependence in these ever-changing times.

The Everglow is different yet universally appealing. It was important that anyone who picked up the deck could connect with the images and utilize the deck in a variety of formats. I love all things esoteric and thought it would be wonderful if there was a deck available that wasn't strictly this or that but incorporated multiple aspects into one system. The challenge was how much I would blend into the Everglow, whether it would be enough of each element and be easy to utilize, let alone understand. I knew Tarot would be essential, but I wanted to do something other than another Tarot deck. I also understood that learning the Tarot can be challenging. Memorizing all 78 cards and their symbolism and meanings is daunting. And yet, the Tarot incorporates aspects of animal symbolism, numerology, and astrology. It takes years to master it all, and I'm no master. The Everglow certainly doesn't replace a good old-fashioned Rider Waite-Smith deck. Still, I hope I've created something valuable and new by mixing some of Tarot's essential elements within the Everglow's design.  

So how is the Everglow the same, and how is it different? The Tarot consists of seventy-eight cards, as does The Everglow. In Tarot, the Major Arcana follows the Fool's Journey from 0 to 21 and features lessons through archetypal themes. The Everglow Arcana includes these twenty-two cards, but instead of an archetype title, keywords on each card help the reader understand the meaning behind the image and allow for upright and reversal readings. This also enables the Everglow to function as an oracle or daily draw. The remaining cards are comprised of numerology, astrological houses, and of course, animal symbolism. The Court and Pips from traditional Tarot are in the Everglow but are unique. Instead of having a King, Queen, Knight, and Page representing four separate suits, with ten cards in each suit, you have four elemental cards. The individual suits are then broken down into four more cards representing, Emotions, Thoughts, Actions, and Security. These cards deal with specific types of people and the energies around situations or events like the Tarot.

One of the easiest ways to learn the Tarot is through Numerology. I love numbers, although I'm terrible at math. Number symbolism, on the other hand, has always fascinated me. The Everglow has number cards 0 through 10 with keywords on the cards that specifically relate to Tarot. Each suit in Tarot has 10 cards, and each of those cards connects to numerology. For example, twos represent balance, threes represent expansion, etc. No matter what suit you are dealing with, each number indicates the same keywords, but the influence may differ depending on the suit itself. If you only wanted to pull number cards with the suit cards from the Everglow, you can do so and gain much insight. Note that the House Cards and Everglow Arcana are numbered as well. Numbers play a huge role in the Everglow.

The Tarot answers why something is happening, and the astrological house cards, while not all-encompassing in the Everglow, shed light on the "where" to create a clearer picture of how it may influence the situation. I found it interesting that the astrological houses were similar to the Tarot suit numbers, and I'm sure this is no accident. Numerology and astrological houses can be drawn as separate cards to enhance your readings by providing further in-depth insight into the energies surrounding your query.


Finally, I wanted to mention the images themselves. Humanlike creatures interact with animals. The majority of human and humanlike characters in the Everglow were designed to look otherworldly, as though they were the priests, priestesses, shamans, and magicians of the past. However, they are not meant to be more important than the animals featured in the deck. The interaction between animals and humans was an essential texture in the deck. After all, humans would utilize the deck, and the connection between animals and humans is paramount to both our survival. Each animal was painstakingly researched to match its specific card. My hope is their symbolism provides powerful messages only they can convey. Once again, the Everglow Divination System can be utilized in several ways. I hope it opens gateways leading to the introspection of profound answers, and those answers lead to more questions that will provide magic along the way.


Trisha Leigh Shufelt is an author and mixed media artist. The Everglow Divination System is her second deck with RedFeatherMBS. Her first deck, the Poe Tarot was published in 2021. Trisha is also a published poet and dark fantasy author.

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