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This week’s guest author post is penned by our own dear Senior Editor, Dinah Roseberry! Many don’t know this, but along with being an editor for both Red Feather and Schiffer, Dinah is an author in her own right.

Pendulums by Dinah Roseberry

Kat Driver (author of Philadelphia Haunts) taught me the ropes for working with a pendulum. It seemed like this happened about a hundred years ago, but it was only fourteen—plenty long enough! Since those times, anyone who knew me may have heard that I’m from the camp who believes that the paranormal and the mind/body/spirit worlds are closely intertwined.

Back then, I’d just joined a paranormal investigative group (Chester County Paranormal Research Society) and was also learning the ghost ropes right along with the mind/body/spirit ones. It was at a very serious mindful meeting that I saw Kat question her pendulum and receive answers by its swinging motions. She was a pro, and I was mesmerized by it — couldn’t stop looking at it swinging in the candlelight. I have to learn this, I thought to myself…but can I? Kat assured me that I could and that she would teach me. She gave me the basics fairly quickly and tested me. The tool swung for me, but not very much: little tiny circles — itty bitty ones.

“You’ll get better,” she said. “It takes practice.”

I did practice, just as she advised, but I didn’t push it. Oh, all right. It wasn’t that I didn’t push it. I was frustrated. It was about then that Schiffer sent me to Oregon for a show. (I swear the universe is so, so sneaky with its craziness.) I’d never been to the west coast, didn’t know anyone in those days out there, and geographically, I was isolated. But when I had a few hours off, I was drawn to a small mind/body/spirit shop that had a display of pendulums right smack in the middle of the floor. And there it was—hanging from a silver chain and moving slightly as though in a breeze—yet there was no breeze. It looked and felt like metal—dark gray and a bit heavy. I looked at it and then walked away—it was pricey. But I kept looking back as though a whisper in my brain had something big to say.

Dinah’s Pendulum

It did: “Buy the pendulum.”

So I did. That was nearly fifteen years ago! I quickly got good at divining with this new tool, and I still use it today. Once I even lost it in my home, and it took six months to come back to me, but one morning there it was sitting stately on the floor inside my nearly empty closet. It was as though it had never been away, but merely on an extended vacation. (I’m more careful with it these days.)

I laugh now and tell people that I could swing a phone on a cord, using a pendulum comes so easily to me. (No one believes me until they see it.) I also wrote many a book using my pendulum—finding a pet, animal communications, ghost hunting, talking to spirit guides and Light Beings, and the list goes on. I’ve bought other pendulums, but I always come back to the first one. There’s a knack to using it to be sure, and sometimes meanings seem skewed, but I’m meant to do it somehow. Maybe one day I’ll know why!

About the Author:

Dinah Roseberry

DINAH ROSEBERRY has been writing for a living for many years. She is a senior editor for Red Feather Mind, Body, Spirit as well as Schiffer Publishing’s Paranormal and UFO lines. An author of books and boxed sets for Schiffer and Red Feather, she also finds time to write romantic intrigue, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and even poetry. She is the founder of the UFO Management Group.

Book Trailor for Dinah’s Book: “Animals Impacting the World”

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