The Swagatam Tarot story

Jul, 19 , 23

Pankhuri Agarwal   On an extremely sultry, summer afternoon in India, bogged down and restrained by the Covid lockdown, a flurry of thoughts whirled like a tornado inside my being. While...

Harnessing Positive Affirmations During Hard Times

Oct, 27 , 22
These simple practices for renewal and strength can de-tense you. In this way you can counter the negative effects of stress.  You have the power to give yourself a respite with relaxed breathing combined with positive affirmations. 

Getting the Timing Right with "Clarity Tarot"

Sep, 19 , 22

Below is a message from Clarity Tarot author, Debra Zachau, on the timing feature that readers can explore with the deck. This download will help solve the problem of the...

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